Palmistry Love Lines – Love Life According to Palmistry

Love never dies and always remains in the heart. Matters related to heart are very sensitive. In a minute, couples take oath to live together and in another minute they decide to part ways. According to palm astrology, whether you will have love marriage or arranged marriage is written in your palm. Let us consider what your love line says:

Love is a respected emotion. Palm astrology also respects this wonderful gift of God. Love is eternal and it never completes without trust.

True lovers are always ready to die for each other. But sometimes situations may be opposite and they may have to face separation in life. Palm astrologers say that we have some lines in our palms which are responsible for falling and separating in love.

According to Palmistry, if the line of heart is crossed by any line then it will indicate separation. If the line of heart is wavy or is in the chain form then also you may face separation in love.

If the mount of Venus is elevated or it has a mole or island, then family traditions and other reasons will become obstacles between lovers. If you have a sign of island on your heart line or any broad line crossing the life line or Venus mount is more developed, then you will not marry your beloved.

If the palm is black in appearance or hard, then lovers will not have a sweet relationship because of the lack of understanding. And they may separate from each other. If the finger of Jupiter is small and the line of brain is ending at the mount of Venus, then families may create conflicts between them and may break their relationship.

If your love life is standing at the verge of separation, then see that a net of lines should not form between the mount of Mars and Mercury in your palm, and the line of fortune should not break or get broad or thin. If lines are in the form of net or the line of fortune is cut or broad or thin, then you may get separated from your lover and you may not live with your lover in one house.

According to palmistry, if the line of brain faces the mount of Venus; or fortune line or heart line is broader than normal then conflicts may occur between you and your lover and you may want to separate. Another reason is if the line of fortune is broad or thin at many places and the finger of Jupiter is small than normal.

If palmistry determines your separation then it will provide some remedies too. If you are facing many problems in your relationship, then you should contact a good astrologer who will suggest some remedies to you. You should worship Lord Shivji and Maa Parvatiji. They will remove all hurdles from your life and your relationship will become stronger.

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